Atkinson Garden Club
"To promote interest in home gardening, aid in the protection of native plants, trees, and wildlife and further civic beautification."


April 3, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                4 Main Street, Atkinson
Time:                        6:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  6:30 p.m.  Program

Program:                 April Can Fool Us… But Not When We Celebrate Good Gardening Practices!”

Greg Jordan, from the UNH Cooperative Extension, will present a Power Point about Invasive Plants.  The club has the list of New Hampshire Non-Native Invasive Plants on pages 48 and 49 of this book.

Annual Dues must be paid by May 1.

       Janet Snowdon, Chairman
       Linda Jette
       Dee LippoldJudy

May 1, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                 4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                        9:00 a.m.  Come with tools to
                    the Fire Station for work assignments
                                  11:30 a.m.    Luncheon at ACC
                                  12:00 p.m.    Business Meeting

Program:                  Dance Around the Maypole and Celebrate Spring!”

Annual Spring Clean-Up
AGC’s annual spring cleanup of our town’s planting areas including the container gardens throughout the town.  Members bring gloves, trash bags, clippers, rakes, trowels, brooms and small hand rakes. Return to ACC to enjoy a luncheon.   

       Jane Goodwin, Chairman       
       Jeanne Geisser
       Ann Reardon
       Joanne Roy
       Tanya Tsentalovich

June 5, 2019

Location:                 Kimball Library
                                5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson

Program:                          “Daylilies: A Love Affair…and Dads Celebrated, too!”


               10:00 a.m.                     Refreshments
               10:30 a.m.                     Business Meeting
               11:00 a.m.                     Program

Fiona McKenna, past NHFGC District 3 Director, is an expert daylily grower and hybridizer.  She will present a Power Point about lilies including pictures of her own garden.

Nina Gray, Chairman       
         Cathy Bastek
         Pat Bennett
         Jean Sanders

July 10, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                  4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:     10:00 a.m.           Refreshments
               10:30 a.m.           Business Meeting
               11:00 a.m.           Workshops
               Noon                    Yankee Swap Bag Lunch
Program:                 “Christmas in July”

Christmas in July - Green Sale prep workshop from 11:00 through 3:00 with lunch break at noon.  Bows, picks, pinecones and other items will be worked on to prepare for our biggest fundraiser.  Bring a bag lunch in a holiday bag with contents on the tag for the Yankee Swap Lunch.

       Jeanne Vickery, Chairman 
       Susan Miner
       Marilyn Prell
       Ellen Witherell


August 7, 2019

Location:                   Kimball Library
                                    5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson

Time:                          10:00 a.m.    Refreshments
                                    10:30 a.m.    Business Meeting
                                    11:00 am      Program

Program:                   Capture the Moment:  Celebrate the Joy of a Wonderful Photo!

Arabella Dane, one of our most active State and National Garden Club members, is especially noted for her beautiful photographs of nature.  She will give us ideas and inspiration and may comment on some of our members' photographs  of nature which will be displayed at the Library during the meeting.

         Bernice Torosian, Chairman
         Nina Gray
         Leann Moccia
         Sheri Turell

September 4, 2019

Location:                                Strawberry Banke Museum
                                               14 Hancock St.,
                                                Portsmouth, NH

 Time:                        10:30 a.m.  Field Trip 

Program:                 “Heritage of Labor and Celebration of the Work Ethic

Strawberry Banke is an outdoor history museum located in the South-End Historical District of Portsmouth, NH. It is the oldest neighborhood in New Hampshire to be settled by Europeans and the earliest neighborhood remaining in present day Portsmouth.
Meet in the far rear of the Congregational Church at 9:30 a.m. to carpool.  Bring bug/sun protection, sunglasses and wear comfortable walking shoes.  Bring a bag lunch, with a beverage, if you like, and we'll have lunch and a brief business meeting on the grounds at Strawberry Banke after our tour.

RAIN DATE: Wednesday, September 11

October 2, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                  4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                        12:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  1:00 p.m.    Program

Program:                 “Discovering New Lands: Celebrate the Wonder”

Award winning floral designer and NGC Master Flower Judge Thelma Shoneman will create six floral designs inspired by gardens she has visited.  The designs will be raffled off at the end of the program.


Everyone is asked to bring a plate of sandwiches or finger desserts before 11:30 a.m.  People with last names beginning with A-L should bring finger desserts; M-Z should bring finger sandwiches.

Please bring donations for Emmaus House.

         Marnie Finn, Chairman
         Kay Galloway
         John Goulet
         Donna Robertson

October 16, 2019

Joint Meeting with Hampstead Garden Club

Location:                 Hampstead Congregational Church
                                 Hadley Hall, 61 Main Street

Time:                        7:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  7:30 p.m.  Program

Program:                 “A Celebration of Floral Artistry”

Bert Ford, owner of Ford Flower Company and member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, will dazzle us with holiday floral designs and design tips.  The designs will be raffled at the end of the program.

This is a joint meeting with the Hampstead Garden Club.  Members of both clubs will bring refreshments.

November 6, 2019

Location:                 Kimball Library
                                  5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson
Time:                        1:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  1:30 p.m.  Meeting
                                  2:00 p.m.          Program

Program:                 “Plant Like an Egyptian and Celebrate King Tut

Linda Jette, AGC member and daffodil enthusiast, will share the history of various types of bulbs and give us some planting tips. 


         Sue Carter, Chairman
         Kay Galloway
         Judy Godden
         Jane Goodwin

December 4, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                  4 Main Street, Atkinson
Time:                       10:00 a.m. Greens Sale Prep
                                  11:30 a.m.  Luncheon
                                  12:30 p.m.   Business Meeting

Program:                 “Deck the Halls”

AGC members will work on holly trees, centerpieces, swags and other items for the upcoming club Greens Sale.  The morning will end with a festive lunch at the Atkinson Community Center.


         Hedi Shikes, Chairman
         Marnie Finn
         Linda Jette
         Susan Lane
         Leann Moccia
         John Rockwell


March 4, 2020

Location:                 Home of Estelle Halchak
16 Pine Knoll Drive    

Time:                       1:00 p.m.     Refreshments
                                 1:30 p.m.     Business Meeting

Program:                “Slainte Mhaith” (Good Health, in Irish) and the answer, “Slainte agad-sa” (the response: To your health as well)” 


The new officers for 2020 – 2022 will be installed.

The Atkinson Garden Club celebrates the friendship, hard work, loyalty, and                                              responsibility of all of its members as they make Atkinson an even better                                                 community and add to our club’s growth and continuing “good health.”

Congratulations to our new Executive Board as they begin their term of office.

       Marta Fabbrucci, Chairman
       Estelle Halchak
       Cindy Knight
       Hedi Shikes 




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