Atkinson Garden Club
Atkinson, New Hampshire
"To promote interest in home gardening, aid in the protection of native plants, trees, and wildlife and further civic beautification."


April 4, 2018

Location:                  Kimball Library
                                  5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson
Time:                        10:30 a.m.  Refreshments
                                  11:00 a.m.  Program
                                  Noon     Short Business Meeting

Program:                 “Down the Rabbit Hole”

Marge Badois, UNH Master Gardener, will present a PowerPoint about using container gardens to promote and protect bees and other pollinators.

Earth Loom – bring plant and other natural materials to add to this Earth Day project.

      Linda Jette, Chairman
       Marta Fabbrucci
       Janet Snowdon
       Ellen Witherell                  


May 2, 2018

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                 4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                 9:00 a.m.      Come with tools to the                                Fire Station for work assignments
                         11:30 a.m.    Luncheon at ACC
                         12:00 p.m.    Business Meeting
                            1:00 p.m.    Program
Program:          “The Mock Turtle and the Gryphon”

Annual Spring Clean-Up
AGC’s annual spring cleanup of our town’s planting areas including the container gardens throughout the town.  Members bring gloves, trash bags, clippers, rakes, trowels, brooms and small hand rakes. Return to ACC to enjoy a luncheon.   

Afterwards, several club members will share arranging plants in unusual containers and flea market finds.

      Jane Goodwin, Chairman       
      John Goulet
      Jennifer Howe
      Dee Lippold
     Jean Sanders

June 6, 2018

Location:                 Hampstead Trail
                                West Road, Hampstead, NH 

Program:                          “Cheshire Cat”

Time:                 10 a.m.      Field Trip

The club will enjoy a local tree and wildflower walk presented by Perry Johnson, Forester, and AGC Club President Brenda Weber along the Hampstead trails off West Road.  After the walk we will have lunch at the English Muffin, 10 Main Street, Hampstead.

Meet in the far rear of the Congregational Church at 9:45a.m. to carpool.  Bring bug/sun protection, sunglasses and wear comfortable walking shoes. 

Wednesday, June 13

July 11, 2018

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:      10:00 a.m.       Refreshments
                10:30 a.m.      Business Meeting
                11:00 a.m.      Workshops
                 Noon              Yankee Swap Bag Lunch
Program:                 “Painting the Roses Red”

Christmas in July - Green Sale prep workshop from 11:00 through 3:00 with lunch break at noon.  Bows, picks, pinecones and other items will be worked on to prepare for our biggest fundraiser.

              Cynthia Buchan, Chairman 
              Judy Godden
              Estelle Halchak
              Leann Moccia

August 1, 2018

Location:            Atkinson Community Center
                            4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:             10:00 a.m.            Refreshments
                       10:30 a.m.            Business Meeting
                       11:30 am              Program

Program:            “Drink Me”

Hedi Shikes, AGC Club Member, will present a program on small and miniature designs using criteria found in the National Garden Club, Inc., Flower Show Handbook.

     Jeanne Vickery, Chairman
     Marilyn Prell
     Donna Robertson
     Sheri Turell


September 5, 2018

Location:                 Kimball Library
                                  5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson
Time:                        6:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  6:30 p.m.  Program

Program:                 “Alice Meets the Flowers”

First Choice Native Plants - Steven Lewis, member of AGC, will present information on the benefits of using native plants in the landscaping.


              Judy Sirois, Chairman
              Nina Gray
              Steven Lewis
              John Rockwell

October 3, 2018

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                 4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                        12:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                    1:00 p.m.  Program

Program:                 “Queen of Hearts”

Rhonda Locke, Award Winning Horticulture and Floral Design Manager at Freshwater Farms, will dazzle us with autumn and holiday floral designs and techniques.  The designs will be raffled off at the end of the program.


Everyone is asked to bring a plate of sandwiches or finger desserts before 11:30 a.m.  People with last names beginning with A-L should bring finger sandwiches; M-Z should bring finger desserts.

Please bring donations for Emmaus House.

Kay Galloway, Chairman
Cathy Bastek
Dorothy Cole
Joanne Krause

November 7, 2018

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                  4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                        6:00 p.m.  Refreshments
                                  6:30 p.m.  Workshop

Program:               “Tweedledee and Tweedledum”

Public workshop of mirror images.  Pat Bennett, AGC member, teaches attendees how to make a floral design.  Copy the designer’s work and take it home with you. 

Pre-registration required.  $25.00 fee includes floral design supplies, wine and light refreshments.

Hedi Shikes, Chairman
Sue Carter

Brenda Weber

November 28, 2018

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                  4 Main Street, Atkinson
Time:                         9:00 a.m. Greens Sale Prep
                                  11:30 a.m.  Luncheon
                                  12:30 p.m.   Business Meeting

Program:                 “Crazy Croquet Match”

AGC members will work on holly trees, centerpieces, swags and other items for the upcoming club Greens Sale.  The morning will end with a festive lunch at the Atkinson Community Center.


       Pat Bennett, Chairman
       Ann Reardon
       Bernice Torosian
       Tanya Tsentalovich

March 6, 2019

Location:                 Atkinson Community Center
                                 4 Main Street, Atkinson

Time:                        1:00 p.m.     Business Meeting
                                  1:30 p.m.     Tea Party

Program:               “Mad Hatters Tea Party” 

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Social to welcome in the new club year. Join in the hat competition with your silliest, elegant, Alice-Themed or most creative chapeau.

                           Marnie Finn, Chairman
                           Cindy Knight
                            Susan Miner
                            Betty Missert



New Hampshire Federation
of Garden Clubs, Inc.

National Garden Clubs, Inc.


Imagine for a moment, the sad tale of a young man possessed of preternatural and everlasting beauty, forever doomed to view his own reflection in a pool of water as punishment for his great hubris.  He despairs and takes his own life.  From the pools of blood which remain at the time of his demise, emerge drifts of the loveliest, brightest yellow flowers which bear his name today - Narcissus, more commonly known as Daffodil!

Fastforward to 2016-2017, where swathes of vivid daffodils adorn Atkinson’s byways in vast  quantities, “fluttering and dancing in the breeze,”*  presenting a beauty never imagined. This tale, however, carries no tragic overtones, just a happy synchronicity.   Several Atkinson Garden Club members  were also active in the Atkinson Byway Committee, which oversees the NH Old Stagecoach Scenic Byway, now Route 121, which runs through the center of Atkinson. and is part of the old stagecoach route from Boston, MA to Concord, NH.  . Among those members was Linda Jette, AGC President, who felt a need to highlight, to beautify Atkinson’s portion of this scenic route. “When I think highlight, yellow pops into my mind.  And then I thought, yellow daffodils - that would highlight our byway!”
With the approval of the appropriate committees and the promised support of Atkinson’s diverse public and private organizations and businesses, the Daffodil Project was launched!  18,900 bulbs were purchased for planting not only on the Byway, but throughout the town’s parks, municipal buildings, roadside, local businesses and at resident’s homes.  Spearheaded by the Garden Club, over 81% of the club’s active members participated.  Our May Plant Sale was our project’s kick starter, and orders were solicited throughout the summer and early fall.   Bulbs, with names derived from Atkinson’s Founding Parents, arrived to be sorted, bagged and distributed  in early October. Our project was fully funded by the sale of daffodils and additional donations via “Dollars for Daffodils.’  Local businesses donated their design expertise, printing costs, fertilizer and  tools.   

Planting Day, October 22, coincided with globally celebrated “Make a Difference Day.”  Hosted by the town’s Recreation Committee and under the guidance of the AGC, community members from the age of 2 to 82 years old volunteered their time and talent to plant daffodils on that rainy Saturday and indeed, “made a difference.”  It was a magnificent way to have people of all economic, religious and political persuasions, young and old, to come together with a renewed investment in the collective well being of their community.  AGC President, Linda Jette, deemed it a “Legacy Project,” to be enjoyed by many for many years to come!

So Autumn 2016 blossomed into Spring 2017.  Atkinson was awash in the glory of daffodils   - throughout the town, along the Byway, in neighbor’s gardens.  A stunning sight to behold and just in time to coordinate with the Celebration of Atkinson’s 250th Anniversary! 

But the legacy continues.  Autumn of 2017 brought the community together once again.  More bulbs were purchased and planted, with the promise of an even more striking display for this coming Spring.  In addition, the AGC has approached other towns along the Old Stagecoach Byway to participate in their own Daffodil projects, with the hope of connecting to the Robert Frost Byway, as well.  Imagine - 44 miles of Daffodil Delight!!!  Or as Wordsworth remarks, “And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the Daffodils.”*


*from  I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, by Henry Wordsworth, 1807
Submitted by Jeanne Vickery, AGC

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